FiveAM is a simple (as far as writing and running tests goes) regression testing framework. It has been designed with Common Lisp's interactive development model in mind.


  • Test and test suite hierarchies allow test to be organized into hierarchies to ease running.
  • Functions for re-running recently run tests.
  • Inter-test dependencies.
  • Specification based testing ala QuickCheck.
  • Redefined macros are instantly seen by the test code, no explicit recompilation required. (this is exactly what LispUnit and FReT do)

User Comments

Our first satisfied customer, darrint, sings songs of praise for FiveAM in his blog.


API Reference


Current release is 1.1, you can download it from here or here

git repository

The main repository is on github, with a mirror available on

Mailing lists

For general discussion and development use fiveam-devel. Release announcements are also posted on fiveam-announce
To submit patches or report bugs, send an email to Make sure the patch is in "unified" format(patches generated using git diff usually are)


FiveAM is released under the BSD license.